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Subject: "A Fairy Tale?" 12/14 (College)----------------------------A FAIRY TALE?
by Andrej Koymasky (C) 2006
written the 7th of March, 1993
translated by the author
English text kindly revised
by Vicent-----------------------------USUAL DISCLAIMER"A FAIRY TALE?" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic
scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family,
opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to
read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or
because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed
guest.-----------------------------CHAPTER 12 - Desire and loveFeeling thirsty, Martino leaned towards the carrier to take the bottle.
He was on all fours, his head jutting forward so he could drink, when he
felt David's hands gripping his hips, and realized he was kneeling at
his back. Guessing David's desire he put down the bottle without turning
and lightly pushed his pelvis backwards, offering himself to his lover,
until he felt his hard pole rummaging in his furrow.In that position he couldn't see David, but he could feel him and that
was enough. He closed his eyes, enjoying the agreeable sensation as his
lover's desire searched for him. Finally he felt him breaking into him.
He shuddered and savored the rod that lolita preteen model dvd was joyously dancing inside him,
the hands that were now groping his chest, his belly, his burning
genitals.Martino felt that there was something sacred in their union - he was at
once the altar and the idol. David was the priest officiating the rite,
presenting his offering. Each of their unions was a solemn moment,
unique, unrepeatable, always new and different, like the act of
creation. It certainly was a deeply carnal act and therefore deeply
human. It was also highly spiritual and therefore participating in the
divine. The human and the divine united, permeated each other, melded
with the union of their bodies. The catalyst that made this miracle
possible, the essential ingredient, was their love.Martino felt all of this while at the same time enjoying his lover's
attentions, and experiencing the other's enjoyment. He felt terribly
moved and excited. These unions could not compare with those Martino had
experienced before meeting David. He felt grateful to his friend because
David was making him his own with such a sweet and virile passion.Suddenly the two youths came together, a simultaneous orgasm, a symphony
of throbs, of thrusts, of intense vibrations. Then they collapsed on the
blanket. Martino turned and they lay embracing each other, expressing
their mutual gratitude, their intense joy with a long, intimate, tender
kiss.The sun was approaching his setting point and colored the sky deep red.
As the two lovers ate their supper the first stars peeped out in the
darkening vault of the sky. The air was still warm. The sky was now dark
blue velvet, quilted with diamonds. David took a gas camping lamp out of
the carrier and lit it. The white light cast deep shadows that set their
bodies in sharp relief, showing off each feature, each muscle."I have waited for you all my life, David", Martino said at last,
caressing him with a dreamy expression. His lover smiled, nodding. The
air was starting to cool down a little, but it was still comfortable.
They moved closer, nestling against each other. "When you saw me the
first time, in the showers, did you think at once you would take me
here?""No, it didn't even occur to me.""What did you think, then?""I knew ls lolita model lena I liked you. I was really attracted to you. But I was sure I
would never see you again.""And then?""And then, lo and behold, I did see you again. You were in your room,
lost in your books. I watched you for a long while, going up and down
the scaffolding. And I liked you more and more. Especially when you
looked at me and we spoke for the first time.""Is that when you decided to take me here?""No, not yet. Your beauty alone didn't do that, or even the fact that I
was more and more attracted to you. Not even the desire I could read in
your eyes.""Did you know right away that I wanted you?""Yes. And your desire made me want you even more. But I knew I had to
bring you here that time when I asked you if you could read in my mind,
and closed my eyes and hoped free naked lolita girls
you would kiss me.""Who knows why I didn't? I wanted so much to kiss you.""I saw that in your eyes. The fact that you held back made me see that I
was already important to you. You didn't want to let your desire ignite
too soon and burn itself out. You didn't pounce on me as if I were prey.
You wanted more than a fling to satisfy our bodies, cool off the sexual
heat.""Yes, I wanted much more than that", Martino whispered, caressing him."So did I. I wanted all of you, soul as well as body.""Yes", his lover answered.David let himself slip against his man's body, brushed his chest with
his cheek and lowered his head free rape photos lolittas
to seize with his lips his lover's
beautiful member, which had again become erect. Grasping the full, firm
testicles in his hand, he moved his mouth up and down the powerful rod
and with the tip of his tongue rummaged in the tiny slit of his tense
glans, and all around it. Martino abandoned himself to those fantastic
lips. He lay down but his hands continued to caress the body, the
shoulders, the chest of his beloved one.When David felt that his lover tiny lolita 100 preteen was free bbs lolitas pics
all afire, he straddled his body and
crouched down, searching with his small buttocks for the shuddering and
well lubricated rod. Helped by his friend's hands, he found the right
point and lowered onto it, sheathing his precious scepter in that
velvety sheath. Then, pushing himself against Martino's tense groin and
tightening his sphincter, he happily said, "See, now you are mine!""Forever?" Martino asked, starting to move his burning rod inside him
and taking his young man's hand in his own."I would like that", David answered, raising his pelvis a little to
allow Martino to move his own up and down, and caressing his chest with
desire.Martino was taking him with short and sharp thrusts, and was looking
into David's smiling, happy eyes, sweetly drowning in them. David lay
down on Martino's chest and they kissed. Then Martino folded up his
knees, pressed his feet down strongly and started moving, rotating his
hips so that his erection would slide back and forth inside the
welcoming love channel."I like the way you are taking me. I like it very much", David whispered
between kisses."And I like the way you make me take you, and how much you make me feel
desired, love."The light hissing of the gas lamp, and the sound of the night moths
beating against it with their wings, were the only noises accompanying
their passionate union. The white light made their eyes sparkle as each
read blooming pleasure on the face of his lover. The moon rose, smiling,
to look down on the two young lovers again united in a tender and moving
embrace, forgetful of everything, each conscious only of the other's
bursting virility, and the air itself seemed to vibrate, filled with
erotic tension.A tremor rose in the two bodies tensed in giving and receiving pleasure
and love. Their breathing became short, fast and intense. Their limbs
prepared for the last wonderful explosion of that dreamlike day. David
felt his beloved's wild jets flooding his insides, which sent him over
the edge and he pored his own liqueur of love between their tense
bellies."Don't ever desert me, David...""Never ever, Martino.""I want to be yours forever.""And I yours forever."They kissed to seal their mutual promise, gently caressing each other,
until they slowly surfaced again, returning to the reality surrounding
them."What time is it, love?" loli nude free top Martino asked."Unfortunately, it's time to dress again.""It's getting chilly.""Yes. But first... one last kiss.""Last?""For the moment."They dressed again, reluctantly, each of them looking with nostalgia as
the other's body disappeared under layers of clothing. They loaded
everything into the carriers.David picked up the lantern with one hand, took David's hand in the
other, and led him to the spot where the little David statue was hidden
between the stones of the wall. As the light fell on the statue he said,
"You stay here on watch. We'll be back." Silently then went downstairs.David knew the way even in the dark, and soon they were again at their
bikes. He turned out the lantern and set it on the ground. "It has to
cool off before I can put it back in the carrier", he said as he
fastened the two plastic carriers onto the back of his bike.When he turned back, Martino pulled him to himself and kissed him,
"Let's cool the lamp, then", he said, and kissed him again. David
answered with a kiss of his own. They kissed for a long while. At last
they mounted their bikes and rode down the hill, back to the national
road, and side by side all the way back to town, exchanging glances and
smiles as they rode."We have to part here", David murmured, then added, "See you tomorrow,
from the scaffold.""Tomorrow is such a long way away.""Yes, a very long way.""And then waiting a whole week before we can go back there.""So very long.""And sleeping alone...""Dreaming of each other...""Full of desire and love...""Of love and desire..."Neither of them wanted to leave. Neither one started his bike. They said
goodbye again, and then again, caressed each other with their eyes, held
each other's hands, still reluctant to dorki lolita kds pedo part. By the time they headed
back to their own lonely beds, the tower clock was already chiming
midnight.-----------------------------CONTINUES IN CHAPTER 13-----------------------------In my home page I've put some more of my stories. If someone wants to
read them, the URL ishttp://andrejkoymasky.comIf you want to send me feed-back (really appreciated, be it positive or
negative), please e-mail atandrejandrejkoymasky.com---------------------------

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